About SEEN

The Staffordshire Environmental Energy Networks [SEEN] is a collaborative social enterprise of local business people with a common set of objectives.

i.        Support local businesses and communities at every level to implement sustainable ways of working and living

ii.        Conduct business in a sustainable and compassionate way to maximise inclusion of all members of society

iii.        Introduce low carbon, renewable energy facilities to businesses and the wider community.

iv.        Work towards imbedding a zero waste philosophy for all Staffordshire workers and residents.

v.        Create a viable circular economy within Staffordshire. Our guiding desire is to ‘give something back’ to society.

The need for change is urgent, and SEEN is a key driver for change. We will lead by example and encourage everyone to maximise their role in delivering a sustainable, low carbon society.

Have you SEEN what we’re doing with waste? It’s not rubbish…


2 thoughts on “About SEEN

  1. Hi,

    I’d like to speak to someone regarding SEEN, we are a not for profit organisation that is set up specifically to support Low Carbon businesses with there requirements. This could be from training, apprenticeships, recruitment and business support. We have access to public funding to subsides any training and we would like to speak with you about a collaborative approach in the Staffordshire region.

    If you could please give me a call on 0845 6099001 or 07400 335993.

    Kind regards
    Steve Morris

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