Have you SEEN Our plan for change?

The mission at SEEN is to change the relationship between business and waste. Currently many valuable waste streams are disposed of by the cheapest methods – regardless of social and environmental effects.

We believe this as wrong and must be challenged by example, not just words. We encourage a cost neutral redistribution of priorities within every Company. This can have wide-reaching and potentially huge benefits to the individual business, working relationships, and the wider community.

Sustainable employment is a key element of what we are about. We believe mechanisation of waste recovery has been implemented to improve efficiency through economies of scale. Our vision is for a low impact, low-carbon, and sustainable method of waste recovery.

We need everyone to understand the value of waste and the hidden potential of everything thrown away. For example a tonne of food waste has the potential to generate 6000kWh of energy, enough to power a house for one month.

Harnessing power from waste is key to reducing demand on fossil fuels and associated damaging climate change gasses.

Incineration of waste is not the way forward. It’s not much better than burning coal. Industrial scale biomass plants burning fuel sourced from the other side of the world is little better either.

We need small-scale heat and power schemes under local business and community control.

Every bin of waste is an opportunity to generate power and improve our environment, provided the contents of the bin are handled in a way that does not compromise our world for the sake of a fast buck.

Please contact us at SEEN@gmx.co.uk or telephone 07901380746 if you are interested in getting involved, want to know more, or know someone who else who may.


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